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    Why Us?

What sets us apart from the thousands of other mediation services out there today?  
We have settled thousands of grievances, covering an incredible range of issues.  Our settlement rate is consistently over 90%.
All of us have years and years of mediation experience with the Ministry of Labour, and prior to that, as solutions-oriented labour or management representatives. We understand the problems you're dealing with because we've been there. We deal with the "people" side of workplace issues.
Our focus in on settlement. We are not connected with the litigation community nor do we refer unresolved issues on to others.
We believe that mediation should be affordable and accessible. We offer a flat daily rate and a half-day rate with no expenses (Southern Ontario) and no limit on the number of grievances. The time, date and location of meetings is up to the parties as is the choice of mediator. There is no red tape, no forms to fill out or documents to submit in advance of the meeting. The process is informal and off-the-record. 
We want to help you to learn to resolve your own problems. We offer a variety of labour relations training programs developed from our years of experience and observations in the field. These are also affordably priced.
We value our clients and work hard to keep their confidence in us. Our aim is to provide the very best in results, service and value.