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What we believe in...

Labour and Management Can and Do Live in Peace
Almost every time you hear about something involving labour and management - inevitably the news is bad - a strike, lockout, mass layoff, contentious organizing drive, name it. What never gets much air time is the fact that in many, many instances, labour and management live in relative peace with few  problems. Examples of this are found in every industry with a wide variety of different unions and in large and small businesses.

It's Not That Complicated
Peaceful co-existence does not come about as result of any complex formula-it's all very simple but can take some hard work. Consultants and advisors can help you on your way there by providing support, training and information but at the end of the day, you can't buy peace or sell it - it's up to the people involved.

Even the Most Difficult Relationships can Change
Believe us, we've seen some of the worst, the most contentious labour management relationships turn around. It is possible and once it begins to happen, it happens quickly. But you've gotta really want it.

The "System" is Not Oriented Toward Peace
Almost everything about labour relations is designed to keep labour and management in a state of war or at least, in a state of contained aggression. Every formal venue for dispute resolution in this area inevitably leads to litigation. If you want peace, you've got to look beyond the system. 

You've Got to Live It To Understand It
There are thousands of "experts" in this field. Many of them have never actually experienced what it's like to be a worker or a supervisor or a  business owner or a union local rep. You tend to get a lot of theory but very little practical stuff. We believe that the best problem-solvers in this area are those who have learned through real life experience. Some of the best problem solvers we've met are shop floor people workers, supervisors, union reps - they haven't even heard of the theory but they know what works and what it takes to make it work.

It Shouldn't Cost a Fortune
Outside help in this area has historically been very expensive.  This has the effect of making help inaccessible to many smaller businesses and union locals - often the people who need it the most are those who can't afford it. We are out to change that. Our fee structure is geared towards making our services accessible to even the smallest organizations.