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    Relationship by Objectives

About RBO
RBO is a program designed to help labour and management develop and maintain a plan to improve their relationship. RBO has been around in various forms for well over twenty years. We've updated the program so that it is relevant to todayís workplaces and has a greater chance of succeeding. We deliver the program in a practical, down-to-earth manner that is focussed on getting results. We emphasize the importance of follow-up and mutual commitment. Our experience as mediators, facilitators and planners along with our organizationís philosophy give our customers and us an advantage. 

In addition, we have added our own insights and observations gathered during years of mediation work where we were able to see the broadest possible range of union-management relationships; from the very worst to the very best. 

This program involves a series work sessions over a two-day period that allow the participants to identify problems and then to identify and agree to solutions. The assumption is that the parties to the relationship are in a better position to understand the problems and develop the solutions. 

Our Role
The role of the mediators (of which there are usually two) is to ensure that the participants stay on track, make good use of time and complete the program with a well thought out and agreed to action plan. They are also there to work out problems which may arise during the course of the meetings. 

The Price
Our aim is to make ourselves affordable and accessible. We recognize that it is often the people who can least afford this type of service who really need it the most. Our pricing policy for additional services, such as RBO, grew out of the fees we charge for grievance mediation and our desire to keep things affordable and consistent. We are not looking to get rich from the problems of working people. Our total fee for the program is $2,400.00 (+GST) plus the mediatorsí accommodation costs, if any. 

Helping You Make It Work
Prior to making any commitment, we encourage you to meet with us and bring as many of the people who are likely to be participating in the RBO as possible. The mediators youíll be meeting with are the people who will actually be working with you. If you arenít happy, there is no need to go any further. We do not require you to do any expensive up front work. Some of our competitors will try to sell you on expensive consultation services "to identify the problems". We do not believe this is necessary. You know what your problems are. You probably talk and think about them every day. All you need help with is nailing them down and coming up with the solutions.

If you decide to hold the session off-site (which has some advantages) we can help source out an appropriate location with a view to keeping the costs down.