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If you and your employer or union counterpart have agreed to mediation on a grievance or collective bargaining dispute, here's all you have to do to set up a meeting.    We are user-friendly.  All you need to do is to give us some very basic information.  There are no forms to complete and you do not need to send us copies of collective agreements, grievances or any other information. 
Contact us by phone, fax, email or regular mail:  Tell us:
Phone          416-398-6940 
Toll free     1-877-215-4022
Names of the union and employer.
Names & phone numbers contact persons for both parties.
Fax             416-398-1250
Location of the meeting.
  Date(s) you want the meeting held.
Email Start time of the meeting.
  Approximate number of grievances.
Mailing address:

Independent GSO Mediation Services 
200 Suntract Road, Unit 130
Toronto, Ontario  M9N 2V9

The mediator (if you have a preference). 
We will confirm meeting arrangements with you by phone, fax or email within 24 hours.