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               Dispute Resolution
This one day session shows you an approach you can use to resolve your own disputes.  It is premised on our belief that resolving problems requires the use of "win-win" skills and not "win-lose" skills - the ones most people use when trying to solve labour relations problems. 
Content is based upon our experiences in the field were we've had the opportunity to get to know labour management groups whose relationships range from the very best to the very worst and on our observations on what seems to work and what doesn't. Certain common themes seem very much prevalent in the way that people interact, communicate and approach dispute resolution. 
Simple and straightforward - our objective is not to pass judgement on the way things have been done in the past but to give participants additional skills and to let them know that they have many options when dealing with difficult issues.  Participants are encouraged to share their experiences and to discuss what they think may be possible if they approach problem-solving from a different perspective.