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You want to resolve issues but the organization you are dealing with is playing hardball. What do you do when the answer is almost always "no"? 

It is possible to resolve problems even in a hardball work environment. What you will need is to understand why "hardball" mindsets exist, the factors that compel people to adopt seemingly intransigent positions and the strategies that you can use to resolve issues in this environment.

Understand What Is Happening And Why

Labour relations is still very much an adversarial field. Even organizations that strive for cooperative relationships do, at times, take hard positions. Organizations with a history of adversarial relations take hard positions as a matter of course. Organizations in transition or in crisis often engage in adversarial labour relations. There are a number of reasons for this. Understanding them is the first step to being able to function in difficult workplace environments.

We can help you:

Develop Strategies for Solutions.

Take advantage of opportunities. 

Use Your Problem-Solving Skills.

If All Else Fails...a simple but powerful thing you can do. 

Learn how we do it!