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We've been involved in labour relations for about the last 18 years, working as management and union reps and as mediators with the Ontario Ministry of Labour. Over the years we've often wondered about how adversarial this field is and how, despite this, so many the people on both sides of the fence really want to live in peace. It occurred to us early on that even though everything about this field is really about people, just about every resource out there today deals with labour relations from a purely legal perspective. That's really too bad because this field is mainly about people - their ability to work together, deal with each other, sort out their problems. People look to the legal system for solutions but just get trapped in the legal machinery and wonder why things aren't getting any better.  And how about the costs? Another thing that has frustrated us over the years is how much it costs to get help in this field and how out-of-touch many of the consultants and "experts" seem to be. 

Our aim is to promote peace in the workplace - and to offer real help so that you can deal with real workplace issues. We want to make it affordable and hassle-free too. This is where we have really broken some new ground.  Our daily rate of $600.00 is about one-tenth of the cost of a one day arbitration hearing (and you can do as many grievances as you want!)  This makes us accessible to smaller orgnizations which often need help badly but can't afford the big ticket prices that have been the norm in this field. To make ourselves more affordable still and to spare our clients any "invoice surprises", we do not charge expenses in Southern Ontario, the Ottawa area and the cities of Sudbury and North Bay.  In Northern Ontario, we will take advantage of reduced rate airfares to minimize costs and will also tell you in advance what our accomodation/car rental expenses will be.  Since we really believe that you are better off long-term to learn to resolve your own problems, we've put together a number of labour relations training programs designed to help you do just that )all of these are very affordable.

As we enter our fourth year in business,  we've resolved over 3,000 disputes in a wide variety of industries in Ontario's private and broader public sector. We estimate the savings this has brought to labour and management at about $10 million! In addition, we have expanded our services to provide labour relations training programs and, no, we haven't raised our rates.

We're very pleased to present to you our new home on the world wide web. As time passes we plan to make a lot more available to the people who make up the labour relations community via this site and would appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have as to what would be useful. Also, we'd like to take this opportunity to express to our clients and the many people in the labour relations community who offered their support during our start-up and who've been with us since  - many many many thanks! To those of you who aren't familiar with us yet - check us out!