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Good labour management relations are essential to the ability of small businesses to survive and prosper and for the people they employ to enjoy a measure of economic security and job satisfaction. Unfortunately, in many instances relationships in these workplaces  are strained and the resources necessary to effect positive change are not available.

This program provides a resource tailored to meet the unique needs of the labour and management in smaller workplaces. It is not a "quick fix" but rather, a vehicle to relationship building. It offers the tools with which to develop your relationship and a starting point from which to work. 

The program has four basic components:

Getting prepared

Getting the tools

Getting a plan

Staying with the plan.

Meetings can be held on site or at any meeting facility convenient for the participants. Elaborate facilities or equipment are not necessary.

The 6 sessions can be conducted in sessions lasting from 2 to 4 hours and so, minimize disruption to the business. These sessions are "focussed" to avoid overwhelming participants with information.

Each session can be conducted at intervals (i.e., each month) to allow participants to digest the information and maybe even put it to use in their dealings with each other in the workplace.

The program encourages open discussion with substantial input from the participants. Program content is simple, easy to understand and involves minimal reliance on written material. The focus is on realistic goals and manageable changes.