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Fact-finding and investigation into harassment complaints is a service we provide for clients who recognize that a fast and objective inquiry is essential to the resolution of these issues.  The investigation is carried out via interviews with the complainant, the person or persons against whom the allegations have been made and with witnesses or other persons who may have information relevant to the investigation. Interviews are conducted in a private setting.  The investigation typically also includes review of notes, minutes or other materials related to the allegations. An inspection of physical premises may also be undertaken at the investigator's discretion.  The privacy of the parties to the complaint is protected and information gathered through the investigation is kept in confidence by the investigator.  At the conclusion of the investigation, the investigator's report is forwarded to the client(s).  A meeting to discuss the report can be arranged upon request. Additional services, such as mediation, policy development or training can be provided at the client's request.