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Labour Management Committee Effectiveness Training
Labour management meetings are a common feature in most unionized workplaces. When they work, these meetings provide an excellent forum for representatives of both sides to exchange information, discuss concerns and solve problems before they become complicated and difficult. In the long run these meetings can go a long way to improving the overall relationship between the business and the union.

What you can accomplish: 

open the lines of communication 
get used to talking to each other 
keep each other informed 
minimize workplace rumours 
foster understanding of each others' roles and responsibilities 
solve problems before they become complicated
It's not always easy
Despite the value of these meetings, many labour and management groups have considerable difficulty making them productive. Some common problems:

How we can help...
Identifying and understanding the problems you are experiencing and arriving at a common understanding of how you would like your labour management meetings to operate are the first steps to getting there.   We can help you to:

  • Identify problems in your current labour management meeting process. 
  • Get a common understanding of how you want the process to work and what you want to get out of it. 
  • Develop solutions to current problems. 
  • Agree on a format that will work for you. 
  • See you through a trial run.  

  •  Provide follow-up as needed.