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Mediation-Arbitration (The Med-Arb Thing)
In its early days, grievance arbitration was a simple, lay persons' process.  Representatives of both sides would lay out their positions, some evidence was called where necessary and the arbitrator would issue a ruling either on-the-spot or within a few days.  Over the years things became very complicated - to the point where many of the people who will be directly affected by the decison really don't understand what's going on or why.  There's no reason it has to be this way.  If you are contemplating a hearing on an issue that does not involve matter of great legal complexity, check out our med-arb process.  It is truly grievance arbitration simplified.   We keep it simple and straightforward: You give us your positions, verbal or written. We provide you with a written decision within seven days.  (We don't push this service because we really believe we can help you settle your grievances through mediation.  But if you ask us, we'll do a med-arb on the basis we've just described.)