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Grievance Mediation
We offer the very best grievance mediation service. Over the years we have resolved 1000's of grievances and dealt with the broadest cross-section of issues that can arise under a collective agreement.  Our clients include organizations in dozens of different industries in the private and public sector.  We settle about 97% of the issues we deal with. Our efficient, effective and off-the-record mediation is delivered at the work location by people you can trust. Choice of times, dates and mediators is up to the parties - we are very flexible. There is  no limit on the number and types of grievances we can deal with in a day and there are no additional charges for meetings that run late. We are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  Short notice assignments are no problem. We offer very affordable full day or half day rates  and you don't pay our expenses (Southern Ontario, Ottawa, Sudbury, North Bay). There is absolutely no paperwork to fill out and no bureaucracy. Phone, fax or email us your meeting request. We'll confirm it with you by the next business day.